From Our Quarry to Our Factory to You

This is the Durango Stone Advantage.  We own the quarries, we own the factory.  We have total control of the finest quality natural stone in the industry.  There are no limitations to your natural stone needs.

Quarry and Geology

We quarry using diamond wire saws to surgically saw our blocks from the face of the quarries. We never use explosives, as all competition do. Explosives add fractures to the finished products. Our superb quality begins in the quarries!

Factory Difference

Our factories are all Italian machinery, with Italian standards. This means we offer Italian quality with much faster delivery times at the highest quality.

Quality Control of Selections

“Somos Durangueses, los productores de mármol más profesionales del mundo.” “We are Durangueses, the most professional marble producers in the world.”

This is what we say about our Team, derived from clients and machinery suppliers who often visit us. Simply the best quality in the world.


Proper calibration enhances the installation experience by having true dimensional stones, you will have a lower waste factor and even grout joints throughout the application.  Un-calibrated stones will create more waste and uneven grout joints.

Proper Honing (finishing) – Standard Bevel Edges

Our three pass slower speed honing process closes microscopic voids which creates a material that will not develop traffic patterns and is cleanable.  All of our honed products come standard with a 1mm micro-bevel edge for a clean un-pitted edge which also alleviates chipping.

Proprietary Truly Tumbled

This proprietary finish actually applies 200 years of wear to our stones to give the authentic look of antiquity.


Please take a moment and tour the factory in the video below.  This is just a clip of the multimillion dollar investment in Italian machinery to provide the highest of standards to meet our quality difference.